This is about knowledge

One of the most valuable thing you will find in the crypto community is its openness to sharing and explaining stuff to people. This hub will be no different. It will share the same values, only that it will focus on cryptoeconomics.

We believe cryptoeconomics is what really matters in the crypto space and the only field of research worth researching to make significant progress. We want to build an international community from all genders, backgrounds and interests that wants to partake in making history.


Cryptoeconomics.hub was born as a Meetup. It has now more than 500 members and is located in Madrid, Spain. The mission of Cryptoeconomics.hub is to share knowledge and as so, Meetups are a great way to spread it.

Our Meetups are an opportunity to meet with new people whose work is related with cryptoeconomics, although sometimes it takes some time to realise that it does.

If yourself or somebody you know would like to present new insights about cryptoeconomics in one of our Meetups, please get in touch. Note that we don't do ICO promotions.

Learning Sessions

We organise learning sessions, both online and in person, on a regular basis (usually once per week). This is a great way to keep up to date with the progress being made in cryptoeconomics.

This is the way to learn cryptoeconomics so come on in and join the community.

Knowledge Repository

We are looking for ways to build a knowledge repository for Cryptoeconomics.hub in order for the community to expand its research activities on solid bases. Get in touch if you have ideas about how to create such a repository. Stay tuned for more!


Everything we have learned so far allowed us to build an understanding of how the blockchain works. We believe that learning the fundamentals is the only way to make progress in this space.

We are currently offering a training program about the fundamentals of blockchain and cryptoeconomics in particular. We group our lectures in modules but we can also accommodate your specific needs.

If you are interested in being part of this education program don't hesitate to get in touch.

Online session, each week

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