We are experiencing one of the most exciting times in history as we now have the opportunity to create a different society. This society will be based on the belief of empowering the individuals to open up an un-considered, un-used and un-valued potential in people and communities.

Cryptoeconomics is one of these important new research fields which combines fundamental principles of game theory and cryptography for managing in an autonomous way the interactions between people or machines hence nodes in the decentralised world.

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We promote research on cryptoeconomics. We connect people who share the same passion for the power and fear of incentives. We distribute knowledge about the development of the field. We help projects on the ground.


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We offer trainings about distributed ledger technologies, the role of cryptoeconomics, token–based economic network, and governance protocols. We connect theory with practice and combine it with real world examples.


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We help organisations find value in being decentralised. We analyse projects through cryptoeconomics. We do token designs that will power your business model. Don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Access all the material we use for talks, training, events and workshop. Check out our cryptoeconomics Reading List to start learning about cryptoeconomics. We use Discord to organise the information shared by the community.

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We organise Meetups in several formats: regular events and learning sessions. You can watch every event we do on YouTube. Join the community and get the latest updates on news, events and stories about cryptoeconomics.


Sandra Becker

Sandra Becker is an economist with more than 10 years of experience in designing statistic models within market, social- and trend research.

Since the beginning of 2015 with a special focus on concepts of the decentralised economy. Co-founder of the community Ethereum Madrid and since 2017 teaching the concepts behind Bitcoin and Ethereum for various education programs as well as for the Master of Collaborative Economy at the University Sergio Arboleada.

In the beginning of 2018, together with Laurent, Sandra launched the Cryptoeconomics.hub with the objective to create a global academic space for collaborative learning and researching around cryptoeconomics and its elements.

#cryptoeconomics #ethereum #dataviz empower individuals & connections, democratise complexity, decentralise power, positive futurist, no crypto rich!

Laurent Hardy

I like to think that I’m a challenger by nature: eager to get to bottom of things, understand how they work, find loopholes in reasonings, try the new instead of sleeping on the old.

In late 2015 I discovered blockchain technologies while I was working as senior technologist at Repsol Technology Centre on singular and futuristic matters. I could never stop learning about it. It has been a Pandora’s box that will last a long time before I can get to the bottom of it. Wiser and brighter people came into my life and made me see the world differently.

I cofounded Ethereum Madrid in 2016 as way to learn, meet new people and share knowledge. In 2017 I started to go deeper in cryptoeconomics and in 2018, Sandra and I we cofounded Cryptoeconomics.hub to actively work and bring people together on what we believe is the most fundamental layer of logic of the blockchain space.

#decentralisation #new-forms-of-governance #social-inclusion #science-based-progress #logic-reasoning

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